Wedding Photos

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been incredibly busy working on my projects (let alone my masters!). I promise to make more of an effort on this blog in the coming weeks and months. For now, I have a link to my wedding photos, for all those interested in seeing what my day was like.

They can be seen here. Many thanks to Drew and Kate from Freelance Photography for their awesome work.

Wedding details

To those out there that are coming (or are yet to be invited – not all invitations have gone out yet), I have made up a small website giving directions to the various places involved. That website is here.



Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been at the same time hectic and very lazy. I thought I’d pop on here to bring things up to date.

Firstly, my research into plugins is still progressing really well. I just performed some metrics on my code, and apparently since mid-March I’ve written 9836 lines of code (which does not include comments and whitespace). Based on my calculations, that’s a little under 2000 lines of code a month. Last week alone (when I started a new plugin, so I can easily see the number of lines written), I wrote 1889 lines of code. Taking into consideration I underwent surgery recently on my left hand, this is a pretty decent workload I would say. And yes, I’m willing to stand behind my code – it ain’t machine generated or poor-quality :P.

Additionally, the preparations for the wedding are coming along well. Julia and I have basically prepared most things now (invitations, locations, timing, etc). We recently upgraded our photographer to someone far better, and to be honest I’m very excited about this improvement. Julia and I have additionally selected the groomsmens suits, as well as my own. Suit hireage costs have gone up a lot since I last went to a formal ball! But ah well, a wedding is a wedding, its all about showing off the guys looking good and being well-groomed :P.

So that explains the ‘hectic’ part. The lazy part is due to the fact that I have long spells – up to weeks at a time – where I get very little work done. This means that frequently stuff just doesn’t happen until far later than it really should. I put it down to mainly getting far too engrossed in my plugins work – and then getting sick of any work in general.

Anyway, I guess I should plug the MS Student day in Wellington which I was emailed about (so probably all Massey guys already know this):

Jonathan Giles

Wedding Update 3

Here’s the cars we will be using. Unfortunately they aren’t too well photographed here (this one was parked tightly in someones garage). Julia and I will have three of them for the day.


Wedding update 2

Following up from my last wedding update, this is the location for the reception:

Picture of Caccia Birch House