Java desktop links of the week, October 10

A number of interesting links this week. Enjoy!

  • Jeff Martin has posted about his work getting JavaFX running in the browser using TeaVM.
  • Rob Terpilowski has blogged about how to import GMapsFX into Scene Builder.
  • Dierk Koenig has posted a YouTube video of his FregeFX talk at JavaOne.
  • David Gilbert has announced the release of JFreeSVG 3.2. JFreeSVG is a library for generating SVG content via the standard Java2D APIs. This release includes provision for user specified width and height units, an optional viewBox attribute, and a few bug fixes based on user feedback.
  • Manuel Mauky has posted about building TodoMVC – a simple task management app. He plans to build this in a few different ways to demonstrate different frameworks and patterns that can be used to build JavaFX applications.
  • There are a few apps I’ve been informed of this week that use JavaFX that have had new releases. These include SmartCSV.fx, trainchinese, SlideshowFX, and MQ Visual Edit.

Java desktop links of the week, August 3

Wow, it’s been a really, really, long time since I last posted. This was because I was away on vacation (twice!), and in between those two vacations I had a lot of catching up to do. Now that things are settling down a little it is time to get these posts back up and running. I should start by saying that I’ve almost certainly missed a heap of news in the past few weeks, so apologies in advance for not hitting all the important topics – but hopefully most are covered. If I missed something you did, please email me with the link. With that said, lets get into it!



Phew! That’s that for another week! Catch you all again next week! 🙂

Java desktop links of the week, September 15

Two weeks until JavaOne – now I’m starting to get excited (and also overwhelmed by how much preparation I still have to do!). On with the links! 🙂



Catch you all next week.

Java desktop links of the week, June 16

Another week rolls around, and with it another weeks worth of links. Enjoy! 🙂


  • Tomas Mikula has two posts this week. Firstly, a post titled ‘detecting when the mouse stays still over a node‘. Secondly, he has a post on ‘separation of View and Controller in JavaFX Controls’, which is an interesting read, especially for me as JavaFX needs to have more public API around third party controls. The JavaFX Jira issue tracking this is the best place to discuss this further.
  • Hendrik Ebbers has posted a sneak peak of some work currently being undertaken, to create a Windows 7-esque JavaFX style that is being called AeroFX. Already it looks very promising! This is a follow-on from the very successful AquaFX look developed previously.
  • Tom Eugelink has posted on his circle popup menu progress, which is available for download as part of JFXtras-8.0-SNAPSHOT-r2.
  • Jens Deters has released MQTT.FX 0.0.3. This is an application for publishing and subscribing to MQTT topics, which is commonly used in IOT projects.
  • Sébastien Bordes has announced the release of JRebirth Application Framework 7.7.2. This new version “fixes some troubles experienced with demo applications like bad image loading (by presentation engine) or animation failure that lead to an empty slide.”
  • The ReportMill blog has two posts this week. Firstly, they have announced that SnapCode, their IDE, is the ‘first and only pure JavaFX IDE‘. Secondly, they have posted some sample code for getting the visual bounds of a node. There is a Jira issue for this functionality, and as I posted in there, I really wish someone would develop the code to make it possible to have a general-purpose glasspane in JavaFX (especially one that supports knowing the visual bounds of a node after scrolling, clipping, effects, etc).
  • Arnaud Nouard has posted that he has updated his Undecorator library for JavaFX 8.0, and that he has used this library in the development (and now release) of his aLive application, intended to “help music bands to organize rehearsals”.


  • JIDE Software announced the release of version 3.6.0 of their suite of libraries. There are backward compatibility breakages, along with a bunch of enhancements and bug fixes.

That’s all folks. Catch you next week!

Java desktop links of the week, April 14

Another week, another bunch of links. Enjoy! 🙂


Swing / Java2D

  • JFreeSVG 1.8 is now available to download. This release adds more rendering hint control, improved Stroke handling and an important bug fix regarding character encoding.

Catch you all next week 🙂