Swing links of the week, January 13th

Given that I am heavily engaged in the development of Java Swing-based applications, and the recent ‘freezing’ of Kirill’s blog posts regarding popular Swing news, I thought I would try my best to pick up the slack.

I think it is probably worthwhile that I quickly state that my interests are primarily in Swing, so I am not overly up with the play in other areas that Kirill frequently blogged about, such as JavaFX and Groovy. Regardless, I will try my best, and if you have any news, please post it to me at [email protected]. Without any further ado, here are some Swing links you might have missed in the past week:

  • A few years ago the Swing team made Aerith, which demoed various cool things that could be done with Swing. This week the Aerith Netbeans project was announced by Julian Gamble. This project strips out the major components of Aerith, and makes them available to all Swing developers. There is also a number of videos which introduce you to this project.
  • Jean-Francois Poilpret has announced the RC1 release of DesignGridLayout. Any new layout to the Swing world is generally much appreciated, given the lack of development of new layouts since Swing was first developed. I should also link to JGoodies Forms layout (which I use heavily), and MiG Layout (which I have yet to use).
  • Speaking of layouts, Amy Fowler has posted a blog post about layouts for JavaFX.
  • Alex Ruiz continues his blog series on testing JavaFX user interfaces with part 3 (part 1 and part 2 are also available). The testing is accomplished using his FEST Swing DSL-oriented Swing testing library.
  • Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein has posted a blog post attempting to clarify JavaFX FUD that exists. I think he clarifies that Swing and JavaFX, whilst competing in some senses, have different focuses also – JavaFX can be far more lightweight, allowing for it to be used in mobile devices far more readily than Swing will ever be.
  • And finally, everyones favourite blogger Joel Spolsky posted a blog about the wordy Java installation process. I agree that there is a job for someone within Sun to run through all these dialogs and try to simplify and clarify the message that Sun portrays to the outside world.

17 thoughts on “Swing links of the week, January 13th”

  1. Alex,

    No hassle at all. I couldn’t stand to see Swing Links go away, so I thought it would be worth stepping up seeing as no one else has yet.

    In the future, if you have anything worthy of being shared, please let me know and I’ll make sure to publish in the weekly roundup.


  2. Hey Jonathan, thanks for picking this up from Kirill. Big shoes to fill for sure but I’m sure you’re up for it 🙂

    1. Hi Todd,

      Thanks for the support – I have been a fan of Swing Links from Kirill for a long time. He is definitely very tuned in to Swing development, so I’m very aware of the size of the shoes I’m trying to fit on. Despite this, I have been involved with Swing for quite a number of years now, so I think I can at least give things a good shot.


    1. Steve – it’s no hassle. I hope I can do it service and keep it running long into the future. Hearing positive feedback (or negative – I can take it :-)), is much appreciated though!


  3. I’m loving it too, had hoped to keep some offshoot going by working the process into an easier daily routine. Being able to tweet links and have bots to scrape them in some fashion. tweeted about it would gathering much support http://tinyurl.com/8defvn

    Some of my efforts might still be of use to you checkout the rss feed from http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=800a2915f41daf4384cb7b58b1e3a5ee or at very least harvest the feeds from the source.

    My #swinglinks twitter pipes scrape still not working possibly due to my regex fumblings.. still not many #swinglinks tagged tweets going on.

    1. Thanks Somatik. I’m definitely happy to see them come back too, even if it means I have to do it. Keep up the comments, I love to see them.

      — Jonathan

  4. Adam,

    No hassle at all. I’ve already got the next one lined up to go out tomorrow evening (NZ time), so that should be Monday morning for most people out there who are back in time :P.

    Cheers for the kind words, they are definitely motivating and much appreciated 🙂


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