Swing Application Framework and JDK 7

I was just prompted by a reader of this website regarding the state of the Swing Application Framework, which up to now has been delayed and thought to be unlikely for inclusion in JDK 7. However, now that JDK 7 has been delayed until September (or so) 2010, perhaps there is time to get SAF, or one of the forks, further implemented and pushed into the actual JDK 7 release.

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5 thoughts on “Swing Application Framework and JDK 7”

  1. I think SAF is not mature enough to be a “official desktop framework”.
    Its very nice, but i don’t think it’s a good idea to include on jdk, sometimes it hinders more than helps.

    Changes on Swing Action using closures would be great, and the @Action from SAF unnecessary.

    So with a swing 2.0 would be nice, just SAF is unnecessary for me.

  2. I do not understand the trouble around “include it or not”.

    I understand this for language features, but not for additional libs like SAF. Shouldn’t the module system (aka java kernel) be included in the upcoming release(s)??


    With that all additional libraries could have its own release cycle like it is the case for (g)rails plugins …

    So, what would be wrong with that approach?

  3. I don’t think it will happen.
    SAF is on hold already for a long time and not ready yet. As for the alternatives it would be better to have one stable and largely used before including it in Java.

  4. Taking into account what Sun has been doing in terms of Desktop technology during the past 2 years, I am almost certain that only new technology backing JavaFX will make it into the JDK. (I am aware of the minor changes to Swing that are present in current milestones, but, honestly, as welcome as they are, they are far from being revulutionary).

    Although I am heavily supporting the inclusion of an JSR-296 like framework, I am certain it won’t happen. As we also won’t see a heavily revamped Swing, too. My humble opinion is that Sun has choosen JavaFX as its new desktop solution. As sad as it may be…


  5. I do not need SAF, but I do need JWebPane. My guess is that far more people would benefit from JWebPane right now than SAF and JavaFX. SAF is probably best not included in the JDK anyway until it is considerably mature.

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