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Hello all,

Update: Project Kenai got back to me, so I have moved everything from Java.net onto Project Kenai. The new address is http://kenai.com/projects/swing2. Please subscribe to the mailing here and say hello.

Just a quick post: Given that I haven’t heard from project kenai about hosting a Swing 2 project there, I have decided to setup and move the Swing 2.0 discussion to mailing lists. I see some people have already subscribed to the list, but for others interested in following and contributing to a Swing 2.0 discussion, please subscribe to the dev mailing list and say hello.


3 thoughts on “Swing 2.0 Discussion Mailing List”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on the project creation request. We found a bug this morning that had stopped us from receiving any of the requests for the last week. Things are fixed up now and have forward over your request as of this morning.

    Again, sorry for the delay.

    The Project Kenai Team

  2. hello Jonathan,
    people reading your blog with a RSS reader may have miss the update. May be you should published a new post, or some people will not know the new mailing list.

    1. @Christophe: Thanks. I have updated the old swing 2.0 site so that there are no mailing lists and a prominent to the new site, so I think we’re fine now.

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