Sun responds to Swing 2.0 discussion

I’ll save my thoughts for another day, but just for people who subscribe to this blog, I thought I best get you the news: Sun has responded to the Swing 2.0 discussion here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Sun responds to Swing 2.0 discussion”

  1. My feeling from the Sun’s message is “We will add a component here and there, fine-tune the speed, but that’s it”.

    I’m afraid, that they simply don’t get it – many Java applications are boring (read: no need for fancy JavaFX effects) and developed for a few customers or even users. For this usage is the Swing good fit with some small-but-annoying issues – which can’t be fixed without breaking current API.

  2. It sounded like one big non-answer to me. I didn’t really see anything new added to the discussion. What I took away from it is… “We’ll maintain it to some extent for the sake of all the legacy code out there, but we’re pretty much done with it. If you guys want any new stuff, you can contribute through OpenJDK.”

  3. Yes, they really saying “guys, we are with you, but we will do nothing”.
    There are few things I cannot get.
    1. What is the trouble of backward compatibility? If you wrote your application for JDK4 or JDK5 – you can still compile and launch your application with this version of JDK, you don’t need to download JDK7 and use it’s features if your main target is backward compatibility. If you need new features – there are millions of frameworks for Java with backward compatibility which you can use for your old application, no need to get JDK7 any way.
    2. Nobody asks to break existing Swing, talk about Swing 2.0. If you starting with new framework there is no need in backward compatibility, swing 1 can be backward compatible with itself until the doom’s day come, while javax.swing2 does not need to be compatible with javax.swing.
    3. There is no leak of possibilities, there is only leak of imagination. Thinking about 5 minutes you can get 10 ways to make jdk backward compatible while developing revolution in next jdk version.

    Summarize, I can’t see any REAL reason why not to do Swing 2.0 for Sun, the only think I can see – they just don’t want to bother because they don’t need it, current situation is suitable for them. It is pain for me to admit, Qt with Jambi moving much faster, and there are no issues with backward compatibility…

  4. I kinda understand their position.

    But still believe that a Swing2 is possible, and with project jigsaw it would be possible to add it to openjdk without making it more bloated than it is right now.

    We have many Swing experts out there that spent many hours to fix swing to make it work with their applications.

    Many of them wont mind to help in development of Swing2.

    Maybe a discussion forum could be created where people could post what they miss on Swing and what they want changed on Swing2, and let other people discuss how to make swing better.

  5. Take a page from Apple and make the transition between Swing 2.0 and Swing smooth. The learning curve needs to be short.

    Backwards compatibility is always a mistake in my humble opinion. Just facilitate the transition. Automate it if you can. Refactoring in Java isn’t that painful.

    When XML cropped up and people were writing backwards compatible schemas, I thought it was a joke given XSLT provides an easy facility to transition from one version to the next, keeping the schema itself clean and straight-forward.

    This principle could apply to Swing 2.0 as well.

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