Wedding Update 3

Here’s the cars we will be using. Unfortunately they aren’t too well photographed here (this one was parked tightly in someones garage). Julia and I will have three of them for the day.


Wedding Update 1


Here is the church Julia and I are to be married in:

Picture of Aokautere Church
James should recognise it: he drives past it daily to get to Massey. It’s the Aokautere Community Church, and is the reason we changed the date of our wedding to the Sunday.


Consolas Font

Microsoft has just released a new font which is intended for programmers, check it out (and download it) here.

I’m not yet sure whether I’ll switch from good old Courier, I’ll give it a few weeks.

Let me know what you think,
Jonathan Giles.


Well, I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but my wedding day has been pushed back by one day, to allow for Julia and I to get everything we want. It is now January 7th, next year.

In other news, I must thank the people spamming my blog with dubious trackbacks, it certainly is worthwhile advertising their garbage on this blog, as my 1500 total visits since January or so will most certainly be following these links 😛