Java desktop links of the week, September 5

Here we go, yet another weeks worth of Java desktop links. There are quite a few interesting links this week – so tuck in and enjoy! 🙂



  • Hendrik Ebbers has put up a Gesture Wrapper API to wrap around the Apple multitouch gestures API. With the API you can add multitouch event handling to any swing application.


  • Josh Marinacci has been working on getting Java graphics rendering on WebOS natively.
  • Stephen Chin has blogged about his JavaOne calendar, which may be of interest to others. Of course, he’s rudely choosing to attend his own session than one of my sessions, so don’t just take his plan without checking out alternatives! 🙂

That’ll do for another week I think. Catch you all in a weeks time. Keep up the hard work folks! 🙂

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