Java desktop links of the week, October 26

A lot of links this week – spanning Swing, JavaFX, Visage and Griffon. I hope you all find something useful in this weeks post. Also, thanks to everyone who takes the time to email me their links.


  • Jean-Francois Poilpret has put out a new release of the DesignGridLayout layout manager for Swing.
  • Steven Haines has written on IBM DeveloperWorks about ‘5 things you didn’t know about … enhancing Swing‘. This covers Substance, SwingX, and threading, among other things.
  • Gerrit Grunwald has posted two new articles about his SteelSeries project. The first one is multicolored bargraphs, and the second is a signal tower.
  • Besmir Beqiri let me know about XtremeMP, which is an open source Swing-based media player (although at present it only does audio).
  • Alexander Gunko let me know that their (commercial) AjaxSwing product has had another release. AjaxSwing is a web deployment platform for Java Swing applications. It allows companies that built Java desktop applications to run them as web applications.



  • Jim Weaver has blogged about how the first compiler preview release of project visage. As a reminder, Visage is a fork of the JavaFX Script compiler (which has always been open source), with an aim to allow for the JavaFX Script DSL to live on and support JavaFX 2.0 APIs, as well as alternative UI toolkits.
  • William Antonio has done a post to show off the first new feature of Visage – the ‘default’ keyword that has been introduced.


That’s it for another week. Catch you all in the weeks time! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, October 26”

  1. The DesignGridLayout is hardly new, but it is appreciated by people (judging by comments I saw here and there) as being simpler than a MiGLayout while focusing on making forms looking “natural” (for the host system).

  2. After following “Java desktop links of the week” since before it was done by you Jonathan, I feel we’re having a change in trends here: there are more links to Swing than for JavaFX. Since JavaFX first appeared I’ve only seen swing links number decrease and JavaFX’s increase. I wonder if Oracle is doing a better job for Swing than Sun did in the last years….

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