Java desktop links of the week, October 11

A heap of news this week, covering Swing, JavaFX and a little bit of Griffon. Let’s get straight into it.


  • Peter Karich has written a blog post that contains links to most well-known Java (client) application frameworks. This might be a good research to people starting a new client application to consider what framework they want to  use, if any.



  • Jim Weaver has announced a competition for people to pair up (one designer, one developer) to design and develop a JavaFX enterprise RIA example application. The prize is $2000US, split evenly between the designer and the developer.
  • Jasper Potts blogged the code for his radial word clock entry into the JFXStudio ‘time’ challenge. The end result is quite a nice application.
  • Speaking of the JFXStudio coding challenge, the next theme has already been announced: ‘five‘. The challenge is to write an application with this theme in 30 lines of code, or 3000 characters in total.
  • Josh Marinacci has blogged about a new tool he has developed called SideHatch, which is an early proof-of-concept JavaFX debugging tool.
  • Stephen Chin blogged about his JUG SpinnerWheel, which continues Stephen’s experiments into pseudo-3D user interfaces (following his entry into the JFXStudio ‘time’ challenge).
  • Nick (who’s last name isn’t clear, but appears to be another Kiwi) has blogged about what he believes is next for JavaFX (i.e. in the Soma release). All I can really add is that just because a control is targetted toward Soma, it doesn’t mean that the control is necessarily going to be public. This will most probably mean the control will be in a com.sun.* package for use, but it is clearly considered experimental.
  • Johan Vos has blogged about using JavaFX with OSGi.
  • Drew from has blogged more about his Clash game, and how the user interface is evolving.


That’s us for another week. Keep out of (too much) trouble, and I’ll see you again next week 🙂

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