Java desktop links of the week, November 2

Another week rolls around, and who would’ve thought it would be November already?! Yeesh, this year is flying. There has been some interesting news / blog posts this week, so read on to see what has gone down in the last seven days. As always, thanks to the people for emailing me, and please keep it up if you don’t want me to miss something of importance to you. You can also catch me on twitter at @JonathanGiles.


  • For Eclipse users who develop in Windows 7, you may be interested to see the work being done by Tasktop/Microsoft on improving Eclipse to better integrate with some of the new features in Windows 7.
  • Whilst I don’t really like mentioning commercial products, I’m too nice to say no. This week I was emailed by deNova, who produce a commercial Java installer builder called JExpress. To balance things out a bit, I will also mention that IzPack is a free Java installer that I have used in the past and which works remarkably well, integrating easily into your build script.
  • Similarly, XDepend is a commercial source code analyzer that “lets you extract, visualize, seek and control the structure of your applications and frameworks”. Unfortunately, now that I’m developing in JavaFX Script, I haven’t had a chance to test XDepend either, however, XDepend has a free trial if you’re interested in playing with it.




That’s all folks – keep up the hard work, and catch you next week: same bat time, same bat channel.

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