Java desktop links of the week, November 16

Welcome back to another week of Java desktop links. There is a heap of interesting news and articles this week, so I hope you enjoy and learn something new. On with the news!


  • Rob blogs about tooltips and scrollpanes in Swing, and the problem whereby a tooltip is showing and the viewport is moved, resulting in the mouse hovering over a different tooltip-containing component. Ideally, the tooltip would be updated to the new component, but this is not the case. Rob offers a new TooltipListener class to resolve this.
  • With the recent update of Jide components, one of the new features was better handling of JTables. This work was originally implemented, and blogged about, by Ken Orr.
  • Speaking of Ken, he also blogged about ‘creating the iTunes navigation header‘ in Java2D.
  • In another Java2D post, Jeremy blogs about creating efficient gradients.


Catch you all again next week. Remember to keep on flicking me any links you think relevant, and have a great week!