Java desktop links of the week, November 15

Welcome to another weeks worth of Java desktop links. Devoxx is due to begin this week, which sees my colleagues Richard Bair and Jasper Potts presenting about JavaFX 2.0. There may be more information posted over at sometime after they are done speaking.

The other notable happening this week was the news that Apple has announced it is joining the OpenJDK, and contributing some of their work over the past few years to the OpenJDK. I’ve got a few links below related specifically to this.

This week is a really good week (in my opinion), so let’s get in to those links! 🙂



  • Johan Vos has blogged about JavaFX 2.0 and his RedFX project. Having chatted with him at JavaOne, I am looking forward to seeing what he does with this project – it would be great to have this library available to people writing JavaFX 2.0 applications when JavaFX 2.0 is released later next year.

Apple / OpenJDK


  • Geertjan Wielenga has blogged about the new JDK 7 support coming up in NetBeans 7.0. Reading this blog post reminds me why I’m looking forward to JDK 7 – there are a bunch of nice little tweaks to the language that I hit every single day. These tweaks will make my code cleaner and more readable. I can’t wait.

Phew – what a week! I hope you all found something interesting in this weeks post. Thanks to everyone who took the time to email me a link. Have a great week everyone, and I’ll catch you all again next week.

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    1. I was told, by the author, that it is written in Swing, with SAF and JGoodies. I didn’t verify this myself.
      I’m guessing he has packaged his application as an exe to ease deployment to his target audience, but again I haven’t verified this.

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