Java desktop links of the week, November 1

A very good week of links this week. This week there are a number of Swing, JavaFX and other links, but for me it is so pleasing to see that Swing is still seeing interesting development in the community. Keep up the great work folks – I look forward to following what you’re all doing.



  • William Billingsley blogs about the perils of calling this.getClass() in JavaFX Script. My apologies to William for missing his blog last week, despite him emailing the link to me!
  • Coming up on November 10 is Stephen Chin’s talk about JavaFX 2.0 with alternative languages. This is an extended talk based on the presentation he and I gave at JavaOne. His talk also will be covering the visage project. Don’t worry – I’ll remind you of this talk next week also.



  • Peter Pilgrim posted two videos on his site that were taken at JavaOne. Of particular interest to readers of this blog is the second video which consists of a few minutes of Richard Bair’s and Jasper Potts’ Hardcore CSS session, followed by a session given by Alex Ruiz and his wife Yvonne on Java UI testing.
  • Nicolas Fränkel has blogged about one of the perils of making available Java applications to clients – the ease of decompilation. His basic conclusion is that the (commercial) Excelsior Jet product is the best solution.

That’s it – hopefully (as I always say) you found something useful in the bunch of links above. Also, feel free to drop me an email with links you think I should cover in a future post. My details are all on the right hand side. Catch you all next week!