Java Desktop links of the week, May 31

A little early this week, given that I’m travelling to JavaOne tomorrow, which is when I’d normally write Java Desktop links of the week. Somewhat expectedly, it is another quiet week.

To everyone: have a great week ahead. If you’re going to be at JavaOne I’m looking forward to catching up with you, and if you aren’t, then I, along with about 20 other people are going to be publishing ‘JavaOne Minutes’ – short video posts / interviews with people we meet at JavaOne. You can watch them at Youtube here .

On with the news:





  • Andres Almiray let me know that Jim Shingler has announced the first public release of gConfig 0.1 , a configuration tool for Griffon , a Groovy Technology.
  • Speaking of Andres (you’d think he had a vested interest in Griffon), he also let me know that Geertjan Wielenga has been busy getting tooling support in NetBeans 6.7 for Groovy and Griffon. He outlines what he did in two blog posts .

That’s it for this week. Note that there won’t be a Java Desktop links of the week next week as I won’t have been able to track the news whilst I’m at JavaOne. I’ll try to do a catchup post once I’m back, but there are not guarantees.

So, have a great week, work hard, but make sure you spend some time relaxing and enjoying life. And for those of you attending JavaOne, see you soon!