Java desktop links of the week, May 25

A pretty quiet week this week, as everyone is building up to JavaOne I guess. Regardless, there has been some things worth noting. So, for another week, let’s get started on the news that’s going on in the Java desktop world.


  • I haven’t really covered it here at all, but over the last week Sun announced Project Vector, which is essentially an app store for Java / JavaFX applications. It has the potential to be a huge player in the app store market, given the wide availability of Java. Jonathan Schwartz has a good overview of what it is that they are doing , and Mikael Grev today posted his thoughts on the hurdles ahead for Sun . To be fair, I haven’t given the app store concept much attention. I think it could be a hugely beneficial thing for the Java ecosystem, and could truely help to re-invigorate desktop Java. I hope for this reason that it is a huge success. So, my call to everyone who reads this – do your best to seriously consider the Sun app store. Make it clear to Sun that desktop Java is huge, and needs their attention and support.




That’s it. Have a great week, and for those of you coming to JavaOne, I look forward to catching up. Thanks for all the emails about wanting to catch up – it’s going to be a great week!

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