Java desktop links of the week, May 15

Howdy folks. I’m on vacation this week, so I’m just going to jump right into the links. I hope you enjoy them!


  • Leonid Bogdanov emailed me about his ‘bit-of-swing‘ project that contains an example of creating Skype-like text fields (button to clear field’s content will appear when the field isn’t empty) and a Cocoa based PDF component (works under MacOS X 10.6 Intel arch, but a native library can be compiled for MacOS X 10.5 too).
  • Dirk Lemmerman has blogged about what he believes is the best Swing look and feel: BizLaf, which is a commercial library.
  • Penkov Vladimir has released version 0.5 of swinghtmltemplate. The new version includes i18n support, placeholder resolution for attributes, and some new tags. There is also updated documentation.


That’s us for another week. Now…..back to my vacation! 🙂 Catch you in a week.