Java desktop links of the week, May 14

Hi all. Sorry about the lack of a post last week – I just got back from JavaOne India and was overloaded with work which I had to catch up on. However, I was collecting links all last week as well, and there are now a heap of good links to read through this week! 🙂 Enjoy!



Scenic View Sneak-peak

Finally, here is the current, in-development version of Scenic View that I am working on with Ander Ruiz. I will release an updated version of Scenic View as soon as all the features are in place.

That’s that for another week. Catch you all next week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, May 14”

  1. Hi,

    Great work on the Scenic View tool. I think we need more tools like this, particularly it would also be awesome to be able to update the scenes css on the fly during runtime like firebug.

    1. This is in fact one of the features we’re adding to the next release, among a number of improvements. I am looking forward to getting an updated release out as soon as possible.

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