Java desktop links of the week, May 10

An absolute tonne of posts this week, particularly in the JavaFX world. It’s great to see that desktop Java is doing well, and that people are so active in improving, growing and supporting the community. Keep it up folks 🙂


  • Kirill Grouchnikov has posted about the improved keyboard shortcut support in Substance 6.1. This is an important area and I suggest you read this post, even if just to become more aware of the problem space. Coincedently, we did something very similar to this in JavaFX 1.3 and hopefully in the future we’ll document our approach to solving this problem.
  • Nick D’Arcy has continued his Scala Swing post that I mentioned last week by showing you how to select a ComboBox item programmatically and also listen to changes to the ComboBox.
  • Metawidget v0.95 was released recently. Metawidget is a ‘smart User Interface widget’ that populates itself, at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your business objects.



  • 10 people from the Griffon community recently got together to work on some new Griffon plugins. Out of the get-together they created three new plugins, with a fourth on the way. Check out the summary post by Andres Almiray to learn more.

I warned you that this was a busy week! I hope that there was something helpful in the bunch of links above that was of particular help and/or interest to you. If I missed something out, or you just want to complain/sing my praises, please either message me on twitter (@JonathanGiles) or email me.

Right, that’s it for another week. Keep up the hard work folks and I’ll see you all again in a weeks time.