Java Desktop links of the week, March 16th

Given the lack of news related to Swing recently, I think it’s getting to the point where I think another rename of this series is in order, this time to JavaFX links of the week 😉 Regardless, on with the news:

General GUI News:

  • The JavaOne 2009 sessions have been allocated and announced. You can search the sessions here . More information about JavaOne is available on Suns JavaOne website . Whoever is sending me my plane and conference tickets is leaving it very late 🙂
  • Kirill Grouchnikov (@kirillcool ) continues with his Trident animation library . This library does not necessarily animate Swing components, hence it being included in general GUI news. In general, Trident is a high-performance timeline framework, allowing for large numbers of interrelated timelines to be created.




5 thoughts on “Java Desktop links of the week, March 16th”

  1. First Swing web app that is really useful:

    Well, probably also the only Swing web app 😉 and when it comes to Swing desktop apps all we see are pretty but useless *bling bling* demos.

    Swing developers need to get real or I’ll stick forever with QT.

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