Java desktop links of the week, March 15

I thought I’d start todays post with a quote that Kirill proviously linked to. The quote is from “Engineer Thinking” by Matt Legend Gemmell:

If you’ve exposed underling complexity or unnecessary choice in your software because you see those things as inevitable, it’s because your job isn’t finished. If you’re going to write GUI software for other people to use, do it properly, and treat those people like human beings instead of software engineers. If you want to expose complexity to the user and wash your hands of it, write command-line tools – or utilities that are used exclusively by other machine processes.

You can’t have it both ways. Writing GUI software is for people who strive for excellence not only in the “software” part but in the “GUI” part too.

And with that reminder, let’s get into the news.



So, all in all some interesting links this week. I hope they were interesting and helpful, and if not, well, let me know 🙂

Catch you all in a weeks time!

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