Java desktop links of the week, March 14

A bunch of interesting (for me anyway!) links this week, spanning a good number of UI toolkits. I hope you all find something interesting to read.


  • Gerrit Grunwald continues making gauges and other interesting Swing components. This week he has released SteelSeries 3.7.2, which includes a WindDirection gauge, as well as an improved RadialCounter. He has also added an additional pointer and added a bunch of new API to control painting more finely.
  • In another post, Gerrit has created another ‘Friday Fun Component’, this week recreating QLOCKTWO in Java. You can see his implementation on his blog, but unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on it – the people behind the QLOCKTWO haven’t allowed it.
  • Alexander Potochkin, a Swing team engineer at Oracle, has blogged about ‘Swing in a better world‘, which is a series of blog posts he plans to write over the coming weeks. His first post, ‘Java interfaces‘, has already been posted.



Unfortunately, a few links I’ve collected in the last few weeks have fallen off my list – I blame moving to a new computer – but oddly enough they all tend to be Griffon related. I’ve included them here today, despite being a few weeks old. I promise there is no anti-Griffon conspiracy 🙂


  • Josh Marinacci has blogged about his plans for Amino, the Java-based UI toolkit he has been building recently. It sounds like he has a big project on his hands 🙂

That’s all folks. Keep up the great work – I’ll see you in a weeks time! 🙂