Java desktop links of the week, June 15

Well, having skipped a post whilst I was at JavaOne, I was well aware that there would be a huge catchup necessary. Not surprisingly, the bulk of this weeks post is JavaFX.

To everyone out there reading this – enjoy. Have a fun week, try not to catch Swine flu, and for those of you in the northern hemisphere, don’t remind me that you’re enjoying Summer too often.




And that’s us for another week! Keep out of (too much) trouble 🙂

2 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, June 15”

  1. Hello,

    You have a great blog that adds in the few JavaFX links I may not have picked up here and there throughout each week, thanks. However, I’d like to point out one blogger that outputs innovative JavaFX solutions and tutorials that should get a mention as well. In fact he publishes solutions to some JavaFX issues the community should know about.

    Here is a link to an article by JavaJeff that should be listed in your next listing.



    1. @Thomas Buhr: Thanks for the comment. If you look at older posts you’ll note that I have included Jeff a number of times, particularly in his capacity as a contributor to JavaWorld. If you see any links I miss, please continue to let me know so that I may include them in a future post.


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