Java desktop links of the week, July 6

Well, I’m glad I got around to learning JavaFX as the quantity of news is hugely sliding towards JavaFX these days. This week is no different. Despite this, if you have any Java desktop related news, please feel free to email me. Lots of people do, and it makes my life a little easier 🙂 You can find my email to the right on every page. Here we go again – enjoy.



  • Ken Orr lets everyone know that a co-worker of his, Jared MacDonald, spoke at JavaOne on building bullet proof user interfaces using test-driven development. The slides (in pdf form) are available for download.
  • Mariusz Trzaska emailed me to let me know of a project he has been working on called gcl-dsl, which stands for ‘GUI Creating Language Domain Specific Language’. As suggested, it is designed to make it easier to build user interfaces in Swing.
  • Alexander Potochkin (from the Swing Team at Sun) emailed me to let me know of CollectionSpy, which is a commercial application designed to profile Java applications which make use of collections. It is also written in Swing. An observation I’d like to make is that developers who write profiling software are very good at making good looking applications. Look at software such as JProfiler and YourKit.



That’s another week down. Have a great week everyone!