Java desktop links of the week, July 21

A relatively quiet week this week, with most people probably heads-down on JavaOne preparations by now. In any case, what we have below are some very interesting links, so enjoy! 🙂

  • The JavaFX dialogs discussion continues. This week I posted an updated summary of where the discussions are now, and of course there has been plenty more discussion since then in the Jira issue (RT-12643). The final API for dialogs is due in early August, so time is running out – if you want to offer your opinion on what JavaFX needs, and especially if you can relate it back to the proposed APIs in RT-12643, now is the time!
  • Dirk Lemmermann continues to post JavaFX-related tips, including ‘Beauty is Skin Deep‘, ‘Do Not Mix Swing / JavaFX‘, ‘Custom Composite Controls‘, and ‘Updating Read-Only Properties‘.
  • One area that I’ve seen a few people working on recently is support for detaching tabs from a TabPane in JavaFX. This is something I would love to see one day in JavaFX itself. This week Jens Deters offers up his implementation, which looks very nice and polished.
  • Geertjan Wielenga has posted about Monet, a project which offers tight JavaFX Scene Builder integration in NetBeans IDE, developed by Sven Reimers.
  • Josh Juneau has an article in the latest Java Magazine about JavaFX with alternative languages.
  • Alexander Casall has a post about decoupling the view and its behavior in JavaFX to create a testable UI.

Catch you all again next week!