Java desktop links of the week, July 16

Hi all – welcome to another weeks worth of links. I really hope you find something new and enjoyable that you can learn from! 🙂



Now, it’s back to work for me! Catch you all in a weeks time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, July 16”

  1. All the Javafx software on is actually open source (the PDF to HTML5 convertor is a commercial product).

    There will be some new entries this week as our Open Source PDFviewer plugins for Eclipse and IDEA will be updated this week with a PDF2JavaFX conversion option.

  2. Good to see comercial vendors jumping in on Java FX. If not enough comercial interest picks in to help with complex widgets on UI side, very few companies would be really willing to use it for anything remotely complex. I don’t see our main app getting build in JFX without anything easy to use like JIDE-like controls and the like (think a fast pivot control or a good table with grouping, aggregation and the like, all just draging it from a control palette)

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