Java desktop links of the week, July 13

Here is another weeks fresh Java desktop links, served steaming hot straight to you – just the way I know you like it.





  • Andres Almiray keeps his blog on all things Groovy churning out the hits, this week with two on GfxBuilder. The first post is about custom nodes, and the second on transforms and plugins.

That’s it for another week. Keep up the good work everyone, but for those of you up in the northern hemisphere, get outside and enjoy the sunshine 🙂

5 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, July 13”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the link-collections.

    I was surprised there was no mention of Chris Olivers series of posts on his (cancelled) JavaFX project regarding 3d development.

    Is it because you don’t see 3D RIA development as interesting concerning Desktop application developments, or is this blog perhaps turning into a feel-good/semi-evangelist Java blog?



    1. @Gath: Nice way to give feedback: start with a quick compliment and end with an insult.

      I chose to ignore Chris Olivers series of posts, as I do with the myriad of news I don’t deem relevant. I don’t post every article I come across on this blog – it would result in information overload (not to mention increase my workload considerably). I chose not to mention Chris Olivers series of posts as the project has been cancelled, as you note, and as such is not really relevant to JavaFX developers wanting to learn JavaFX technology as it stands right now.

      Additionally, by linking to the posts, I considered it dangerous as people may become confused over what it means for the current state of JavaFX. I know I was confused immediately after reading it.

      Therefore, I chose to excercise a little editorial control and exclude these posts. I’m not sure how you can logically jump to conclude that I don’t think 3D RIA development is interesting. If there were Java desktop related posts regarding this, then I would certainly include the posts in the weekly roundup. The criteria must include however that this technology is publicly available, or in progress towards becoming available. This eliminates Chris’ posts.

      For what it’s worth, I can have a feel-good blog and still cover interesting and relevant 3D RIA technologies. I was never aware these options were mutually exclusive. I also take exception to the suggestion I’ve become semi-envangelist. You do realise that a fair portion of my time is spent criticising Sun technologies? Please, tell me how to blog about Java Desktop technologies in a way that is more helpful to the people reading this blog, and I will consider doing it.


      1. Hi Jonathan

        I owe you an apology. Reading your answer made me realize that you received a bit of my frustration towards Sun (building up for several years now). Chris Olivers attitude and non-compromising stance regarding performance was like a breath of fresh air and I’m worried if it’s dissappearing from JavaFX.

        But venting that frustration here is of course totally uncalled for. Let me elaborate on the praise instead. Not only do I read your links every week, I look forward to them ! Thank you again.



    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don’t know much at all about Spring RCP, so I really rely on people to email me about these kinds of topics.

      If there is some relevant news you think I should cover, please feel free to email me a link or an RSS feed to follow.

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