Java desktop links of the week, January 25

Well, I best start this week by mentioning that the Oracle takeover of Sun is edging very near. The EU appears to now be happy with things, and the word is that China’s and Russia’s competition bodies are now looking it all over. Of most interest for those of us in the Java world will be the 5 hour (!) webcast being given this week by Oracle. Presumably during that time they will cover in more detail their intentions for Java, and hopefully discuss Swing and JavaFX. The presentation is on Wednesday 27th January, 9:00am – 2:00pm Pacific time. You can register for it, and find out more, here.

Now, on with this weeks most relevant news.




Well, that’s all folks. Keep up the hard work and will see you in a weeks time, when things in the Java world (post an Oracle acquisation) might be a little bit clearer!

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