Java desktop links of the week, January 17

Well, after skipping last weeks post due to lack of news, this week is looking a little better, but things are still quiet on the Java desktop front. As always, I appreciate any email pointers you may have for me – my contact details are always to the right. Let’s get into the links of the past two weeks 🙂


  • Jean-Francois Poilpret has put out the 1.7 release of his DesignGridLayout Swing LayoutManager. This release allows layouts to be more dynamic by giving the ability to hide or show entire rows. This makes it very easy to implement panels with collapsible/expandable zones.
  • Gerrit Grunwald has continued work on the Steel series of gauges, with a lot of code cleanups and API improvements. In his latest blog post he has announced that the library will be available in Maven.


  • Stephen Chin has put up another blog post about the Visage project, showing off how he used Visage (which resembles JavaFX Script) to create a simple Android application.
  • Laurent Caron let me know about his Opal project, which is a umbrella project for a number of SWT components.
  • Alex Ruiz, author of the FEST testing library and a recent member of the JavaFX controls team, has announced that he has decided to leave Oracle to join Google. Before joining the JavaFX controls team (with me), he worked in other areas of Oracle for around four years. It’s a shame to see him leave our team, but I want to wish him all the best at his new job.
  • James Sugrue picked up on a tweet by Kirill Grouchnikov, asking what has happened to the Java App Store that was promoted around JavaOne 2009.

That’s all folks – I warned you it has been quiet. I’ll catch you again in a weeks time…

5 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, January 17”

    1. A bit of both. News certainly has dried up somewhat in the last few months, but also I’ve become very busy with JavaFX 2.0 work. Last week I was in the US for meetings as well.

      Hopefully I’ll get back to the regular schedule starting next week.

      Sorry about the lack of updates! 🙂

      — Jonathan

      1. All good and thanks for the quick reply. Can’t wait for JavaFX 2. Is everything going to plan the H1 release?

        Noticed you were from in NZ, what city? I’m from Wellington myself.

        1. Early access releases of JavaFX 2.0 are currently out now, with a small group of partners testing and giving early feedback. For example, see here.

          Starting in Q2 of this year, there will be beta releases available for public consumption. As far as I know, this will be a public URL available for anyone.

          Once we get to Q3, we’ll have the official release of JavaFX 2.0, which is consistent with our messages given out during JavaOne late last year.

          Up until January I had lived in (and was born in) New Zealand. I lived most of my life in Palmerston North, but from November 2008 until last month I had lived in Thames in the Coromandel. Now I live in Brisbane for this year, and will probably be in California next year if my boss gets his way 🙂

          Wellington is a lovely city (probably my favourite in NZ), and was where all my friends moved to after university. I would have loved to move that way to be nearer to them, but alas, marriage often has other ideas 🙂

          — Jonathan

          1. Sounds like 2.0 is going well then. Smaller, faster, and all in one Jar is exactly what I wanted to hear.

            I was originally from New Plymouth but came down to Wellington to study and now work. Its a great city and probably stay here for quite a while if possible.

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