Java desktop links of the week, January 11

It looks like the gears are starting to grind again after the new years break, with only a small amount of news this week, but some interesting links nonetheless. Thanks to the people who email me their links – it’s very much appreciated. So, for another week, I hope you enjoy the links, find something new or useful, and I’ll catch you all again in a weeks time.





That’s all folks. Catch you next week 🙂

5 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, January 11”

  1. Just curious.. why are you “not a fan” of the custom JDialog/JFrame in the linked article. I visited the site and it looked pretty slick to me. Are there any alternatives to this that you know of? Or.. do you not like dialogs in general.

    1. David, good question, and sorry for not clarifying it in my post.

      I guess I like to look through the eyes of end users, and I’m most commonly working with end users in corporate environments. In these situations, if it doesn’t look like a ‘normal’ window, they can become a little scared. For this reason I like to play it safe with the frame ‘chrome’ around my panels.

      This is not to say that the approach above is not a good one in some usecases, it just needs to be carefully considered as to how the change in chrome will affect the end users ability to feel comfortable interacting with the software. In most cases they’ll be fine as even Microsoft have no consistent user interface chrome guidelines any longer.


      1. I think also that these dialogs should not be used all the time, i am preparing an article that i will post later this week describing a use i have for this dialog.

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