Java Desktop links of the week, February 16th

Another week, another Swing links of the week, from now on known as Java Desktop links of the week to more properly encapsulate anything Java and GUI related. If you don’t like the new name, let me know what you’d rather have it known as! As always, send me your news if you have any. All my contact details are to the right. This week was relatively quiet on all fronts other than JavaFX, given the release of JavaFX 1.1. Anyway, on with the news.




2 thoughts on “Java Desktop links of the week, February 16th”

  1. What about a Groovy section? That is desktop too. New articles on all the time. Modularity with Groovy look interesting to me.

    1. @Groovophile: I’ll happily cover any Java desktop related news. Unfortunately, I do have a day job and so I can’t easily keep track on all news. When it comes to areas outside my main skill area (Swing), I really need people to email me the links relevant to their interest that others may like.

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