Java desktop links of the week, February 15

The weeks seem to be speeding by these days, and the amount of interesting news each week is only growing. This week there is a number of good reads, which I’ve linked to below. As always, thanks to the people who email me links, and please feel free to follow me on twitter if you are interested.

Anywho, enough personal links! On with what you came to see. Enjoy 🙂


  • Kas Thomas has a post discussing why he thinks modal dialogs are evil. As he says, and what I believe, is that they aren’t completely evil if used in appropriate circumstances. But he does have an example of where they really shouldn’t be used.



Wow, this weeks news certainly appears a little lop-sided, but that’s the way it was this past week. Keep up the good work people, and I’ll catch you all again in a weeks time.

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