Java desktop links of the week, February 10

Another week, more links – enjoy 🙂


  • Tomas Mikula is working on two interesting projects that you should keep an eye on (on top of his excellent CodeAreaFX): ReactFX and UndoFX. The ReactFX “project is an exploration of reactive programming techniques for JavaFX” – and I highly recommend you look at the code examples to understand how it might be useful in your projects. UndoFX is “a general-purpose undo manager for JavaFX (or Java applications in general).” Again, something that could be very useful in your applications! 🙂
  • Jens Deters has posted code to make it easy to animate a SplitPane divider.
  • Daniele Renda has a post on “Real World JavaFX with GraniteDS : the ACI Ticketing and Booking System”.
  • Dirk Lemmermann has blogged about another control coming in the soon-to-be-released ControlsFX 8.0.5: MasterDetailPane.
  • Thierry Wasyl has posted a handy tip on how to more cleanly ensure your code is running on the JavaFX Application Thread.
  • Steven Schwenke has blogged about an extendable search pane he has created in JavaFX, which may be useful for other developers.
  • Thomas Bolz has published his project ‘renamerFX‘ which is a utility to “batch rename your pictures and movies after taking them from the camera from cryptic to meaningful file names.”
  • Jan Kovar has started work on FXUtils, whose stated goal is to “develop set of components for easier development of JavaFX 8 applications using FXML.”

See you all next week for another round.