Java desktop links of the week, December 31

Welcome to the last Java desktop links of the week for this year! Obviously with the festive season in full swing this week is a relatively quiet week, but nonetheless I have some interesting links for you to read. Enjoy, and have a good new years and start to 2013! Catch you in a weeks time! 🙂


  • Stephen Chin has announced his plans to go on another night hacking tour, this time taking in the Nordic countries between January 25 and February 7.
  • I was given a (virtual) clip around the head by Ed Thompson for his issues when dealing with the JavaFX ComboBox control. Fortunately most issues are on their way towards being resolved, and as always I’d love to work with people feeling pain in any UI control to develop improvements and / or review patches based on the OpenJFX source code.
  • Hendrik Ebbers has started playing with JavaFX on Raspberry Pi. He has been investigating using DataFX and GridFX on it, and has posted some videos to show progress.
  • Andy Till has open sourced a JavaFX application that he has been developing called EstiMate.
  • Narayan Maharjan has posted part two of his 3D Object (cube) ‘concept to code’ series of posts.
  • Thierry Wasyl continues to develop his DrawFX application, and has posted an update with his latest progress.

That’s all for this year – catch you all again next year when we do it all over again! 🙂