Java desktop links of the week, December 28

With Christmas behind us and new years to look forward to, I’m surprised by the amount of news coming out this week. In the interests of brevity (I’m sure most of us have holidays to enjoy), let’s get straight into it.




Catch you in the new year. Have a great new years party and try to step away from the computer for a bit 🙂

10 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, December 28”

  1. My god… I kind of feel bad about that comment… but the ‘pimping your Swing user interface’ slides should REALLY be a perfect example of how to NOT do UIs…

    1. Martin is absolute right…BUT…the application i created for the talk was only a demonstration what is possible and how you could achieve effects like this in Swing…it was not meant to be a good example for UIs…i told this the people in the talk but might miss to mention it in the slides…

  2. Too bad the author or MaxtrixLayout doesn’t explain why his layout was created. He himself mentions TableLayout (and preferring that name) but not where these two differ.

    1. Tom: I did see those links go past my twitter stream, but I assumed that they were in relation to the other Swing components I mentioned in todays post. I didn’t think they were different – so I didn’t bother to run them (well, I did try, but the webstart download was either very big or very slow, so I gave up downloading them).

      I just run them now and they are very impressive. I guess the big problem is that they are webstart links, with no associated blog post or source download. Do you plan to provide either of these things? If so, please do flick me an email with the details (or leave a comment here).


  3. The Cobra pure Java browswer has been for a couple of years.

    I’ve used it in a commercial application and it works quite well.

    It’s also extensible and supports JavaScript, so no need for the expensive components until the free JWebPane comes out.

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