Java desktop links of the week, August 9

A very quiet week this week in terms of link quantity, but with new JavaFX and NetBeans releases it is made up for with some very important links to take note of this week. As always thanks to the people who take the time to email me their links.



Kas Thomas

4 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, August 9”

  1. TitledPane and Accordion control looks great. I am just eagerly waiting for this in new release. What about the Tab control? is it released?


    1. I’m not sure when I’ll be releasing my new controls, as it’s not easy to release code for free that is related to your day job 🙂

      It’s likely that I won’t release these controls publicly at all, and they may just wind up in a future release of the JavaFX SDK. No guarantees though.

      Apologies for the let down.
      — Jonathan

      1. I didnt meant for code release 🙂

        I know that your controls are part of JavaFx Controls and will be released in JavaFx SDK.

        As the latest release of the javafx contains most of the bug fixes. So I am hoping that the next release will be having new ui controls 🙂

        – Sanjeev

        1. Actually, these controls weren’t built because anyone at Oracle asked me to build them – I just built them in my spare time as fun challenges.

          It would be great to get them in a future release, but there are no guarantees obviously.

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