Java desktop links of the week, August 5

Hi all – a good number of interesting posts this week. Because I’m running a bit late lets just get right into it! 🙂



Catch you all next week! Keep up the great work.

1 thought on “Java desktop links of the week, August 5”

  1. The JogAmp team finally released JogAmp JOGL JOAL & JOCL 2.0.2 ! This is the first major JOGL release after a 2.5year long release cycle; JogAmp also prepare a JOGL 10y celebration party and SIGGRAPH BOF showcase of desktop & mobile projects using JogAmp:

    With the 2.0.2 release behind JogAmp focused resources into creation of a new project “Ji Gong” to bring OpenJDK + IcedTea-web builds for use on desktop & mobile across devices:


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