Java desktop links of the week, August 16

A big week in the Java world, and I’m going to completely side-step the elephant in the room in todays post. This week there has been a great number of Java desktop posts, so I am very pleased to be presenting these links to you today. Enjoy! 🙂




  • Josh Marinacci has announced his project Leonardo, which is “an open source vector drawing program for the 21st century. It focuses on common tasks like mockups, sketches, and presentations with a clean and consistent user interface. It is designed to be augmented by internet webservices and plugins created in several scripting languages.” Leonardo is written in Java, but does not use Swing or JavaFX, and as far as I can see, is just using custom components written by Josh.

That’s that for another week. I hope you all found something useful in the links today, and thanks to everyone for emailing their links to me. Catch you all in a weeks time 🙂

Gerrit Grunwald

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