Java desktop links of the week, April 22

A good selection of links this week. Enjoy 🙂



  • Tom Schindl has blogged about how his e(fx)clipse e4 renderers can now render Swing (although at present it is a proof of concept, not a full implementation).
  • Geertjan Wielenga has published part four (of four) of his series on NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform.
  • Dhilshuk Reddy Jeeru has been working on his SwingJD project, which is a collection of Swing Components which allows you to “create sleek, polished, modern GUI applications easily. It provides the flexibility to change the theme for each components.This library includes Standard Buttons, Gradient Buttons, Glossy Buttons, Standard Panels, Gradient Panels, Glossy Panels, Titled Panels, Translucent Panels,Collapsable Panel, OutlookBar, and Grids.

Catch you all next week. In the mean time, keep up the great work folks! 🙂