Java desktop links of the week, April 11

Another week, another batch of Java desktop links. This week we see a few interesting library updates in the Swing world, further posts about JavaFX 2.0 API, mention of a JavaFX 2.0 talk by Richard Bair, and a new website for the Amino toolkit. Hopefully there is something here for everyone! 🙂


  • As I mentioned last week, Richard Bair is presenting a ‘Richard Bair Reveals All on JavaFX 2.0‘ talk this week. Note: the location has changed – it is now at the Googleplex rather than at Oracle HQ. As always, there is a livestream available on ustream, where you can chat with other participants, as well as provide questions via a Google Moderator link. I’ll be in the online chat, so I hope to catch many of you in there too! 🙂
  • Eric Bruno has blogged about creating a custom control in JavaFX 2.0. Given this is my day job, I should note a few things: 1) this is pre-beta API, 2) I haven’t actually reviewed in detail how accurate this code sample is (and whether it is using best practices), and 3) I’ve challenged Eric to attempt doing the same with just CSS – which in this example should be far simpler.
  • I did a short teaser video of something I was working on recently – sorting / filtering in ListView and TableView controls. It’s still very primitive, but the primary purpose of the video is to actually show how simple it is to link up this functionality in JavaFX 2.0.



  • Josh Marinacci has put together a new website for the Amino toolkit, which is a Java/JavaScript scene graph graphics library (in a similar vein to JavaFX).

That’s all folks! Catch you in a weeks time.

3 thoughts on “Java desktop links of the week, April 11”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the regular JavaFX 2 links. Richard’s recent talk at the JavaFx JUG. Binding was very interesting. I tend to struggle writing DocView type constructs in swing and I’m hoping it will be easier in JavaFx 2. The explanation of the implementation of the javaFX Swing integration was also interesting – rendering into an off-screen buffer. I guess the hard part with integration is the thread synchronisation. There was a bit of discussion on that in the talk regarding creating structures in background threads. Looks like partial class initialisation issues may exist. Maybe a future talk could talk about the threading design underlying JavaFx.

    Looking at the Java Roadmap, I notice that TexturePaint is still on the not implemented list; is it likely to make it into the forthcoming beta release? I’m thinking that rotating textured polygons would then be possible in 3D, although one one per scene node at the moment. I believe there was a 3rd party kludge that implemented TexturePaint on JavaFx1.3, although I don’t know whether it worked for 3D rotations.

    Wishing you and the JavaFX team all the best in what must be quite a busy month 🙂

  2. Hi Alan,

    I don’t know if TexturePaint is going to make it, my guess is probably not. The kludge for 1.3 definitely won’t work in 2.0. But we’ll see what we can do!

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