iPhone or Equivalent, please.

The iPhone has me in its grasp – I find myself immensely wanting one, despite the fact I have never had an Apple product before (so I’m by no means a fan boy). I have for a long time wanted an easy to use portable device with WiFi, such that I can check emails and (optionally) keep in touch with friends on MSN Messenger (my IM of choice). I would barely use it as a phone – it would function simply as a music/video player when I’m travelling, and my gateway to emails/chat with friends and colleagues.

But today Vodafone said no to the iPhone. This means that I could import one from the US and unlock, but that leaves me dubious as to the long-term viability of the iPhone, given the talk of potential ‘bricking’. By my rough calculation, one can be purchased from America for $535 ($399US).

The alternative…..well, what are the alternatives? I have tried PDA’s and find that they cause me no end of grief – my last one refused to remember the WiFi passwords for networks I frequently use. Is there a good tool for the job I outline above? What are peoples thoughts on importing and using iPhones?

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  1. Nokia N810, will be out in the middle of November, it comes with inbuilt GPS, and is uber. Stop looking for proprietary, it comes with Linux and there are JVM’s for it, I have heard no Java development for the IPhone!!

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