Easily upgrade to WordPress 2.5

I just upgraded my WordPress blog to WordPress 2.5. I only touched FTP once to upload a new ‘automatic upgrader’ plugin. This plugin then walked me through the entire process of upgrading to wordpress 2.5. It took 5 minutes to do.

If you want to do this to upgrade, but don’t want to go through all the hassle of backing up your files and database, consider using this plugin – it does it all for you.

Find out more here.


I’ve been pretty quiet on this site recently, and for that I apologise – I’ve been working full-on on Centruflow leading up to CeBIT in Germany. Well, right now I am in Germany at CeBIT, and Centruflow is getting a lot of interest and positive feedback.

Of course there is always more to do, but CeBIT has really helped clarify what needs doing, and what is most important to customers.

I make no claims at being any kind of photographer, but my photos are available to see no longer available – sorry! They are all a little blurry as I have scaled them down to be web friendly, and to be fair, were mostly taken whilst I was walking. Maybe they may be enjoyable to some people (not least my family).

Anywho, busy few days just been, busy few days ahead, so I’m turning in. Today I met Pete Hodgson (New Zealand’s MP for research and science, among many things), and tomorrow is New Zealand day, so things have been hectic. Time for sleep.

Politically Convenient Timing

Is it just me, or are other people getting sick of the opposition political party (in this case the National party in New Zealand) always questioning the current Governments ‘alternative intentions’ when they pass a law that is ‘conveniently timed to be in election year’? I listen to The Rock radio station, so the political discourse is obviously kept to a minimum, but the frequency with which I hear some National party member questioning the intentions of the Government ‘because it is election year’ is shockingly high.

Elections happen every four years. Should the Government stop creating policy and rolling out new initiatives because it’s election year? I can’t imagine what the opposition wants to happen for the 25% of the time where an election is close to happening. Perhaps they advocate abolishing the Government for the year leading up to elections (except of course they wouldn’t do that if they were in power). I honestly don’t know what they’re saying.

I would think the smarter approach would be to attack the policy, if they are against it, rather than simply attacking the timing of the policy. This happens amazingly less often than I would expect, with the timing of the policy being the real issue raised.

Unless the Government is clearly trying to buy votes, who cares about timing. The issue that pushed me over the edge was Simon Power complaining today that the tagging initiatives proposed by Helen Clark were conveniently timed because it was election year. He didn’t say anything else in the sound bite I heard (but I seriously hope he did say more than that!).

To be clear, I did vote Labour last time round as I was a student and interest-free student loans was a Real Good Thing, but this next election I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, so don’t think I’m bagging National as I have a political aversion to them.

Arrested Development Movie?

This made my day.

Arrested Development is an incredibly funny TV show that was cancelled well before its prime. It only last 3 seasons, but is absolutely hilarious. If you can find it, I recommend you watch it. I try to watch all three seasons over a few weeks every year, and only just finished watching the whole three seasons over Christmas.