Work Overload Holiday

What should one do when they are overloaded with work? Clearly it’s plan a week long holiday in the (hopefully) sunny lakeside village of Kuratau. Therefore, I won’t be around between Feb 12th to Feb 19th. Any emails will remain unanswered until then, but if there is anything urgent I’m always available on my cellphone (0211 089 038).
I’ve found recently that I find it impossible to turn down work, and in fact often actively seek it out. With three weeks until Massey is back into action, I have many weeks worth of work to do before I’ll be ready for Massey again.
What should one do to overcome this? I’m naturally drawn to the TV or spending my time with Julia – I can’t pull all-nighters coding away. Any pointers, or should I just ‘sharpen up’ with Lift Plus?

Ambassador Orientation

Waylon has a good summary of the two days the ambassadors spent up in Auckland on his blog here. A few other points:

  • We got to play Xbox 360 – very cool.
  • Lift Plus (the energy drink) have sponsored us, so expect to see lots of drinks around campus when we have presentations.
  • Woosh Wireless have sponsored us, but they aren’t yet in Palmy, so that’s a moot point for anyone at Massey.

I really need to find a good reason to do some MS dev work, just to get an appreciation for and understanding of Visual Studio, etc.

Ah well, I’m really tired, so I’ll keep it short.

I’m looking forward to seeing the other ambassadors photos (*hint*) – the ones up so far are awesome,


Jonathan Giles.

MSN Spaces and Firefox

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but whenever I try to write a blog entry using Firefox it crashes. I’ve just found this great plugin for firefox that helps with this problem – it allows you to run IE within firefox, for those problematic pages. You can even specify sites that should always open using the IE engine, for example
You can download this plugin from here.
Jonathan Giles.

Anyone got a loan? :-)

I’ve been spending the last few weeks looking at houses with Julia (the fiancee). It’s kind of depressing knowing that I’m going to need to go to the banks and try to get a loan on my income, which as a student may be ok, but it’s certainly not going to satisfy any bank. On top of that, looking at the online calculators, it’s crazy to think that a small loan will be payed back in double (nearly triple) by the time we pay it all off. Didn’t Einstein say compound interest was the 8th wonder of the world?

Looking through another nice house today, and meeting with a mortgage broker tomorrow. It’s strange, I’ve never had problems in the past with having a little bit of money, but now that I want to borrow $120000 to $150000, I all of a sudden have a feeling of disinterest in purchasing a house

So, I’m accepting donations to the ‘House Jo and Julia Fund’. Come on, let’s spread the joy to a happily engaged couple . Donations would be happily accepted, and could help with tax writeoffs .