T-Cosy Prizes

I tried to get some prizes for the upcoming event, and have succeeded. I was hoping for more, but seeing as Microsoft is touring NZ presently, it’s probably fair for now. So anyway, I’ll have on me two copies of both Flight Simulator 2004 and Office 2003 Professional.
Jo Giles

Microsoft presentation and T-COSY

Hey there,
My name is Jonathan Giles. Some of you may know me: I’m a fourth year software engineering student at
Massey. This year I’m doing a bit of work representing Microsoft around campus, so you’ll probably hear
from me a bit. Basically I get to know about Microsoft technologies, and plan to help anyone out there
to get the most out of this stuff.
I’ll probably give a few presentations, but I’d rather get behind things like T-COSY and helping to get people enthused about Microsoft stuff, whether it’s the Xbox 360 or the latest Visual Studio. To this end, specifically for those people involved with T-COSY, I plan on getting a few prizes to hand out over the year, as judged by the organisers of the event. For the upcoming LAN
on March 11th, I should have some games and copies of Microsoft Office, plus various Xbox 360 goodies to
tide you over until the 23rd (The 360’s launch day).
Also, in relation to the 360, I’ve got a way you could win one, as well as heaps of other cool prizes.
Firstly, there are two Microsoft presentations coming up on March 16th and 17th. The times and places
are yet to be announced, but they will be the same in content – so just come to whichever you can make
it to. I’ll get posters out over campus shortly, but otherwise check out my blog here:


I keep this page updated with the latest news about all things Microsoft and Massey.
On the 16th and 17th you’ll learn about ways Microsoft can help you out at Massey through the Academic Alliance, etc, and also how you can win those prizes I keep mentioning.
But because the draw closes on the 17th, heres how to enter: sign up for the MSDN Connection newsletter
here, and say you’re from Massey University:
That’ll get you entered into the draw. Trust me, the prizes are well worth it. They include:
* XBOX 360
* 17″ and 19″ Philips LCD Screens
* Philips Digital Photo Frames
* Navman Navigation System
* Microsoft Office Professional 2003
* Microsoft Office OneNote 2003
* Microsoft Windows XP Professional
* Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006
* Age of Empires 3
* Microsoft Freebies Pack (assorted goodies to get you going)
Now, to steal from a fellow ambassadors blog:
Heard of the MSDN Academic Alliance? It’s a programme Microsoft runs worldwide for universities (and
polytechnics) to give IT-related students access to an absolutely massive range of software, completely
free of charge. This includes Windows XP, all the Windows Server System products (such as Windows
Server, SQL Server, BizTalk Server…), Visual Studio, Visio and heaps more. It doesn’t include games or
Microsoft Office (or anything XBox-related!) but there are separate promotions for those.
So, see you on the 11th, and hopefully on either the 16th or 17th. Feel free to ask me any questions.
Jonathan Giles

Off to Wellington

Today I’m headed off to Wellington to attend a ‘hand-clinic’. No, I’m not into hands like that  I’ve got a meeting with four doctors who specialise in hand and arm problems. Apparently they only do it four times a year and meet with 8 people on each occasion – so I’m special (although I’d rather not be obviously).
Chances are the next step will be them recommending another round of surgery exploring my arm in further depth, seeing as the last operation didn’t find anyting wrong.
The annoying thing is that things are still getting worse, and I’m pretty much typing fulltime using just one hand. So I’m really keen to see things improve, and I hope surgery may be able to at least stop any further deprovement, and then I’ll just keep on with my physio.
Wish me luck,

Work Overload Holiday

What should one do when they are overloaded with work? Clearly it’s plan a week long holiday in the (hopefully) sunny lakeside village of Kuratau. Therefore, I won’t be around between Feb 12th to Feb 19th. Any emails will remain unanswered until then, but if there is anything urgent I’m always available on my cellphone (0211 089 038).
I’ve found recently that I find it impossible to turn down work, and in fact often actively seek it out. With three weeks until Massey is back into action, I have many weeks worth of work to do before I’ll be ready for Massey again.
What should one do to overcome this? I’m naturally drawn to the TV or spending my time with Julia – I can’t pull all-nighters coding away. Any pointers, or should I just ‘sharpen up’ with Lift Plus?