Java Champion, Dukes Choice Award Winner, and JavaOne RockstarI trained as a software engineer – I received Massey Scholar in my undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering Honours in Software Engineering degree, and Masterate Scholar in my postgraduate Master of Science in Computer Science. This placed me in the top 5% of my cohort.

I’ve founded startups and worked in the largest software companies in the world. I’ve worked on cutting edge software, as a consultant, and on open source projects used by few, to used by millions.

My largest, and longest, software contribution has been to the OpenJDK project, the project that all Java developers use for their APIs. I worked on the OpenJDK at Sun Microsystems and Oracle between 2009 and 2018, contributing significantly as a principal, and ultimately consulting, member of technical staff (IC4 and IC5). I worked as a technical lead in charge of a large area of the JavaFX UI toolkit, with a team of people under my technical leadership.

Since December 2017 I have been at Microsoft, where so far I have had two roles. For the first year at Microsoft I was a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, focusing on Java on Azure. I worked with engineering, documentation, advocacy, and management, as well as the community of Java on Azure users to ensure everyone was heading in the same direction. I presented frequently at conferences, but just as frequently I was working behind the scenes with all stakeholders to make sure Java on Azure was meeting the needs of real-world developers. I was particularly focused on bringing my API and developer experience skills to focus on ensuring the Azure SDKs for Java were highly polished.

This led to my second role at Microsoft, as a senior software engineer. My role is to serve as the Java representative on the architecture board for Azure SDKs, and to help drive excellence in our Java developer experience. I am heavily involved in driving the API design for our next generation of Java Azure SDKs, working alongside a team of excellent engineers to make this a reality.

I am a Java Champion, an active public speaker at conferences worldwide, a ‘JavaOne Rockstar’, a ‘Dukes Choice’ award winner, a blogger, a sought-after technical reviewer of programming books, an author, an open source contributor, and a father.

I am always open to be contacted for interesting roles and opportunities. Please feel free to contact me.