Java API Best Practices slides from Devoxx Poland 2018

I’ve just presented the Java API Best Practices presentation at Devoxx Poland. The presentation is similar to the one I presented last week at, but in my opinion is much improved based on community feedback and additional time to iterate. There was also a far larger audience today, with around 650 attendees compared with around 100 last week at I also think generally the presentation went better (despite the stress of a much larger audience), so I look forward to sharing the video of this presentation once it becomes available.

Below I’ve posted a few photos I received from my Twitter stream, and of course you can download the slides for your reference. Even if you read through the slides from last week (and there were 4200+ downloads at last check!), I suggest you consider downloading this latest slide deck and deleting the old version 🙂

The next time I present this session is at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway, in September. Hopefully by then I will have received even more feedback and I will have an even better slide deck to offer!

Java API Design Best Practices Slide Deck Now Available

I spent a lot of time building a new slide deck for a few conferences I had coming up (, Devoxx Poland, and JavaZone). The purpose of the presentation was to try to teach all attendees some new information about the process required to build API. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to dive too deeply in 50-60 minutes, and everyone has different levels of skills. My hope therefore is simply that all attendees leave the presentation with at least one new piece of insight. I hope that I’ve managed to achieve at least that 🙂

Since I’ve now presented this session at, I’ve been asked to share this content more widely, and I’m happy to do so. It is now available on the presentations page, and it’s also available as a direct link.

I will probably post updated versions of this slide deck as I refine it for upcoming conferences.

Java desktop links of the week, May 21

Hi all. Sorry for the radio silence – I’ve been travelling for the last two weeks and it is hard to find the time to put into blogging. Here’s a recap of the links I found over the past few weeks – and apologies in advance to those of you whose posts I have missed. Please email me and I will be sure to include it next week.

Java desktop links of the week, April 23

A quiet week this week:

  • Carl Walker has written about replacing views in a TornadoFX application.
  • Jordan Martinez let me know that RichTextFX 0.9.0 was released recently. A few new notable features include the ability to change multiple portions of the document in one update call and display multiple custom carets and selections. See the projects changelog for more details.