Microsoft vists begin

Tomorrow and Friday Paul and entourage from Microsoft will be at Massey. Do come along. It’s important to me: All Microsoft posters were ripped down almost instantaneously after being put up, and I think Microsoft would rather present to people rather than an empty room.
I can only summise that people really like Microsoft (or me), and want a Microsoft poster (or one with my handwriting on it) to put up at their own place. Thats understandable, but imagine how much better getting free Microsoft stuff would be, and learning about the stuff Microsoft is doing this year for us (or alternatively….meeting me…..bah…who am I kidding )
So, those places and times again:
Thursday, 16th March, AH2 from 11am to 12 noon.
Friday, 17th March, AH3 from 1pm to 2pm
See you there,

Finally, MS dates for Massey

I’ve finally got times and places arranged for the Microsoft presentations at Massey. They are:
Thursday, 16th March, AH2 from 11am to 12 noon.
Friday, 17th March, AH3 from 1pm to 2pm
Posters will be up next week.
See you there,
Jonathan Giles.

Killing three birds with one stone

Really busy with Massey, it’ll be good to get this semester out if the way (even though it just started). Presently my TODO list includes:

  • Preparing my seminar presentation for Object-oriented Software Engineering
  • Meetings with lecturers around Massey for projects and my research
  • Haskell programming assignment *shudders*
  • My research

So, how does this link my the title? Well, I’ve managed to get the work I’ve been doing on Centruflow to become my research project, and I’ve managed to get my seminar topic for another paper to be about something I’m researching for my research project. That’s sure to save some time….

That is all

Jonathan Giles.

T-Cosy Prizes

I tried to get some prizes for the upcoming event, and have succeeded. I was hoping for more, but seeing as Microsoft is touring NZ presently, it’s probably fair for now. So anyway, I’ll have on me two copies of both Flight Simulator 2004 and Office 2003 Professional.
Jo Giles