Java desktop links of the week, May 10

An absolute tonne of posts this week, particularly in the JavaFX world. It’s great to see that desktop Java is doing well, and that people are so active in improving, growing and supporting the community. Keep it up folks 🙂


  • Kirill Grouchnikov has posted about the improved keyboard shortcut support in Substance 6.1. This is an important area and I suggest you read this post, even if just to become more aware of the problem space. Coincedently, we did something very similar to this in JavaFX 1.3 and hopefully in the future we’ll document our approach to solving this problem.
  • Nick D’Arcy has continued his Scala Swing post that I mentioned last week by showing you how to select a ComboBox item programmatically and also listen to changes to the ComboBox.
  • Metawidget v0.95 was released recently. Metawidget is a ‘smart User Interface widget’ that populates itself, at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your business objects.



  • 10 people from the Griffon community recently got together to work on some new Griffon plugins. Out of the get-together they created three new plugins, with a fourth on the way. Check out the summary post by Andres Almiray to learn more.

I warned you that this was a busy week! I hope that there was something helpful in the bunch of links above that was of particular help and/or interest to you. If I missed something out, or you just want to complain/sing my praises, please either message me on twitter (@JonathanGiles) or email me.

Right, that’s it for another week. Keep up the hard work folks and I’ll see you all again in a weeks time.

Java Desktop links of the week, May 2

It’s nearly the end of my time in California – I head back to New Zealand tomorrow evening – but before that I need to post a new Java desktop links of the week. This week there were a tonne of posts, and so this post is very long. I had to keep my comments to a minimum as otherwise the post would have been even longer. Let’s get into it!



Wow, that’s a heap  of posts. Hope there was something there for everyone. As always, feel free to email me, or chat with me on twitter, if you have anything you want included or to just generally discuss. Have a great week everyone 🙂

Java desktop links of the week, April 25

This weeks post comes to you from Santa Clara in the heart of Silicon Valley, so pardon the brevity, and due to my travel please excuse me if I missed any links.

This week saw the release of JavaFX 1.3, which comes with a heap of improvements. Rather than repeat the details here, I have links to the main links below. Let’s get into the news.



Right. That’s that. Time to put the feet up and blob in front of Discovery channel. Catch you all in a week.

Java desktop links of the week, April 19

Hey all, thanks for turning up for another round of Java desktop links this week. Fortunately for you, there are a bunch of interesting links this week, particularly if you’re a fan of the new ‘Kirill Grouchnikov’ section which is making a special one-week-only appearance, for easily justifiable reasons.

Just a FYI: for the next two weeks I’m in Silicon Valley so whilst I’ll try to post new links I can’t guarantee anything. Be prepared for some silence, and perhaps follow me on twitter – perhaps I’ll post interesting links straight to there for a few weeks as well.

Kirill Grouchnikov (i.e. Swing pt1)

  • The Kirill Grouchnikov release train has left the station! Because there are a bunch of releases, I’ll link to each individually.
  • First, Kirill has released version 6.0 of the Substance look and feel, which has a huge number of improvements. If you use Substance, you should consider upgrading as soon as possible.
  • Secondly, Kirill has released version 1.2 of the Trident animation engine. Trident is now used within Substance for all animation effects, so you can be certain it is a sturdy library.
  • Thirdly, Kirill released a bunch of other miscellaneous updates for his projects, including Laf-Plugin, Laf-Widget, Lightbeam, and Rainbow. In the same post he mentions that he was unable to release Substance Flamingo 5.0 (his Swing Ribbon project) today. He says that Flamingo 5.0 will be released in conjunction with Substance 6.1.
  • But, to not disappoint, Kirill has also been pushing pixels on Flamingo 5.0dev, improving the alignment of content. It’s the small tweaks like this that count 🙂


  • Eugene Ryzhikov continues work on his Swing Task Dialog project, this week nearing the 1.0 release with a release candidate which adds support for Command Links, which is a part of the Windows Vista / 7 user interface. Frankly he’s done a very nice job and I wish this kind of component was around in the past – I could have used it 🙂
  • Simon Albers has a very comprehensive and interesting post about creating the frosted glass look in Java, that is particularly common on Windows Vista / 7.


That’s all I’ve got. Thanks to the people emailing me interesting links. I’ll catch you all again in (roughly) a weeks time (hopefully!).