Java desktop links of the week, October 31

A number of great links this week – great work everyone! ­čÖé

  • Andreas Billmann has a post about Kotlin and TornadoFX. The guys working on TornadoFX are doing huge amounts of work!
  • Adrian Romero has been working on a pretty cool programmable calculator for mobile devices, making use of JavaFXPorts.
  • Speaking of JavaFX on mobile devices and JavaFXPorts, Gluon has released Gluon Mobile 4.0.0, which includes a frankly insane number of improvements.
  • Florian Brunner has released Drombler FX 0.8. Drombler FX is a modular JavaFX application framework. This release comes with support for ‘single instance’ applications, and an initial version of a data framework.
  • Christoph Nahr has a post about the JavaFX Spinner control, and using it to spin through numbers.

Java desktop links of the week, October 24

It’s another public holiday here in New Zealand today, so hopefully I churn this post out in record time. Anyway – a heap of great links this week (including a few I missed last week). Enjoy! ­čÖé

  • Gerrit Grunwald had two posts I missed last week – they are two more of his ‘Friday Fun’ posts. This time he has built a weather widget and a cool-looking timer control.
  • Jeff Frieson has an article about read-only properties in JavaFX. The article lacks a little clarity, so I was a little reticent to include it. The biggest issue is the fact that the methods are not final (although the class is, but I worry people won’t notice this). The methods not being final provides a huge issue if subclasses try to override the getter / setter methods and include logic (because then there are two code paths – setting via the setter and setting via the property method – and they do not overlap, resulting in unexpected behaviour at runtime. The standard rule applies – when creating getter / setter / property methods, always make them final.
  • Michael Hoffer has released ScaledFX 0.4.
  • A Kickstarter project has been started to fund a JavaFX version of the webs flexbox layout. It seems like the code (which already exists in some form) will be made available in the (currently empty) github repo should the funding be reached (otherwise presumably it will remain closed source). For those of you who didn’t attend JavaOne, the development of a flexbox layout for JavaFX was something that was proposed for a future JavaFX release (JDK 9 update or, more probably, JDK 10).

Java desktop links of the week, October 17

A quiet week this week, but there are a few good links for you to check out:

  • David Gilbert has┬áreleased FXGraphics2D 1.5, an update to his┬álibrary that provides a bridge from Java2D to the JavaFX Canvas. ┬áThis release provides an option (via rendering hints) to use the JavaFX text measurement API instead of the AWT equivalent. ┬áThis gives better results for text placement in JFreeChart.
  • Jeff Martin has posted a short video demonstrating the UI builder abilities of his SnapCode software, which can deploy to the desktop and browser.
  • Samir Hadzic has a blog post about TreeTableView and sorting.

Java desktop links of the week, October 10

A number of interesting links this week. Enjoy!

  • Jeff Martin has posted about his work getting JavaFX running in the browser using TeaVM.
  • Rob Terpilowski has blogged about how to import GMapsFX into Scene Builder.
  • Dierk Koenig has posted a YouTube video of his FregeFX talk at JavaOne.
  • David Gilbert has announced the release of JFreeSVG 3.2.┬áJFreeSVG is a library for generating SVG content via the standard Java2D APIs. This release includes provision for user specified width and height units, an optional viewBox attribute, and a few bug fixes based on user feedback.
  • Manuel Mauky has posted about building TodoMVC – a simple task management app. He plans to build this in a few different ways to demonstrate different frameworks and patterns that can be used to build JavaFX applications.
  • There are a few apps I’ve been informed of this week that use JavaFX that have had new releases. These include SmartCSV.fx, trainchinese, SlideshowFX, and MQ Visual Edit.

Java desktop links of the week, October 3

A very quiet week this past week. I guess everyone is getting over their JavaOne overload ­čÖé

That’s it! I said it was a quiet week! ­čÖé


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