My name is Jonathan Giles. I’m a software engineer who likes pixels, performance, cleanliness and beauty.

I live in New Zealand and work as a software engineer.  Currently I work for Oracle in the JavaFX team, where I churn out code and API for future releases of the JavaFX SDK. In particular, my job focuses on the development of new user interface controls and APIs to interact with them.

In reverse order of achievements, I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), have a Masters of Science in computer science, and a Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree, majoring in software engineering.

In terms of software engineering, my areas of interest are varied, and include:

  • User interface / experience design (particularly with Java-based frameworks such as Swing and JavaFX),
  • API design and implementation,
  • Information visualisation and simplification,
  • Semantic web technologies (this was the topic of my masters thesis),
  • Software architecture and design patterns, particularly plugin-based systems (the topic of my honours research),
  • But…..I am always interested in learning new technologies. If it isn’t on this list, it’s only because I haven’t done it yet.

If you think I can help you in your organisation, please get in touch as I’m always keen to help.